School Lunches

Pimg_8447I feel I am alone on the school lunch front. I have two kids: one girl nine, one boy five.

They are just about the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. One will eat peanut butter sandwiches, the other will not. One will eat Jell-O, one will not. One will eat yogurt, one will not. One will eat veggies, one will not. Neither one will eat sandwich meat.

There are all kinds of great websites out there that have cute bento lunches and fancy school lunches for kids. I am a regular mom. I have no time for this. Does that make me bad?

My kids have lunch in the middle of the day. Things like cheese, yogurt, and cream cheese (which they won’t eat anyways) will not stay cold.

There is no way I could get them to eat soup or pasta, even if I could keep it warm.

What’s a mom to do for lunch? That is my question to you. I love all these kids’ lunch sites, but they are unrealistic for me.

Help a mom out.

*Just an example of what they had today:  Potato Chips, Granola Bar, a few Grapes, a Fruit Cup, a Juice Box. Mom fail.

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